instagram backups...

I signed up for instagram when it was a plucky little startup working on being the "twitter" for photo sharing. It was simple, iPhone only, and kind of fun if I am to be honest. Two years later, instagram was purchased by Facebook for 1 billion dollars, it has some 30million users, and claims more than 1 billion photo uploads.

As a recovering architect, I found the app is an avenue to be more attentive to the world around me. So I will find myself slightly embarrassed when bystanders look at me puzzled as I am taking a close-up pictures of a man hole cover or a the shadow of a chair on a restaurant patio.

I tend not to post pictures of food, pets, or lunch with friends (a common use of the service for some reason ) but I have posted some 400+ images over the last 2years and recently was wanting a way to get to those images  other than the instagram app on my phone.

A quick Google search and a trip to the Mac App Store and 99¢ later, I had all my images on my computer. Whew... no I feel much better after running Insta Backup. It worked perfectly and simply and I am happy to have all these images backup up and with easy access on my Mac.

I have also found a way to automatically have all new images saved to my dropbox account, but more on that in a future post. For now, I am backed up against anything drastic that Facebook might do with instagram and I have one less thing to stress about ;-)