Daylite 4 introduction.

Daylite, by Marketcircle, is a business productivity and collaboration tool for the Mac and iOS that allows you to share contacts, calendars, projects, opportunities, task, and other business notes and objectives with everyone on your team.

As many of you know, I am a big fan of David Allen and his GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology. He often speaks about needing to get things out of you head, and into a trusted system before you can start "getting things done".

Daylite has been my "trusted system" for years now and it just got exponentially better with this new version. Version 4 has completely revamped the user interface and the folks at Marketcircle managed to accomplish the most difficult task in writing software. They have managed to keep the depth and complexity of the software available to power users while designing a new interface that make the software very simple to use.

Here is a quick introductory video for Daylite 4. Whether you are new to Daylite and want to see an overview of the software and its features, or if you are a seasoned Daylite user who wants to see what's new, I think this is worth a look.

Daylite 4 Tour from Marketcircle on Vimeo.