New players to compete with Facebook in the photo sharing world


Move over Facebook, because Twitter and Google+ are now real competitors in the photo sharing world. Twitter just added previews of photos and videos directly  into tweets. So no more click-to-expand people! You will now be able to see those photos and videos directly in your Twitter timeline. But here's the catch, you have to use Twitter's photo/video services, not Vine's or Instagram's. I think its clever marketing on their part, but we shall see if people adopt it (although honestly, if its convenient, who wouldn't). Also the assumption here is that these photos will be public, which may effect if people use this feature or not. My guess is though, that there will be a small portion of people upset by this and most won't care, seeing as how most photos are pretty much public now anyway. 

Now for Google+. This is really much more exciting to me than Twitter just because of all the benefits Google's service will provide. Pretty much everyone with a smartphone has a huge number of pictures on their phone, mostly because you can take a ton of snapshots quickly. And I don't know about you but I tend to have more photos in my photo stream than I care to deal with (i.e. edit, crop, enhance or even go through). Though the built in effects available on the new iOS have made this a little easier, just wait till you hear what Google+ has in store. When you install the Google+ app on your phone it will upload the pictures for you, find the best ones (i.e. good lighting, everyone is smiling, etc.), enhance them, and even turn them into GIFs or collages automatically! You can share these images with friends or family using Google+ circles or you just add e-mail address! Now you might say "that's all well and good but Facebook has photo syncing too." Well, Google+ has an answer for you! Facebook only gives you 2GB to store your photos; with Google+ you get 15GB of storage FOR FREE. Now that is one heck of a marketing plan. Well done Google and well done Twitter! 

I've outlined the big features for you, but for more information and the rest of the features for both of these new services click here