Aviator browser


For readers who are tinfoil hat wearers like me. There is a new security focused Mac Only web browser that has just been released to the public. The browser named Aviator is a product of the security company White Hat Security and they have used it internally for years, so it's not actually a "new" browser.
Why should you care? The answer is simple: SECURITY. The browser doesn't keep history or cookies. It's set to automatically request "do not track" from sites. It even has a "Protected" icon to let you know if the site you are on is actually following you request to not be tracked.
Aviator is built around Chrome and uses the Chrome extensions, but also uses some private API's that help to render web pages. This fact has kept it out of the Mac App store, but don't let that stop you. Download a copy here, or read more about on their site here or at the Threat Post here.