New zero day exploit for Adobe Flash

There is a new and nasty zero day exploit in the wild targeting Adobe's Flashplayer plugin on all systems. This means that Macs could be at risk too. The exploit targets Flash version 11.5.502 on Windows, 11.2.202 on OS-X and 11.1.115 on Linux.
The attack is targeting Firefox and Safari browsers, but the payload is delivering .exe files, so it looks likes the current attack is targeting Windows users who use either Firefox or Safari. However, because the exploit can be delivered as a flash file embedded in a web page or Word doc, it could be reconfigured to deliver other malicious code and target other systems.
Adobe has released an emergency patch for for Flash player, so be sure to patch your systems.
You can read more about the exploit on ThreatPost.
You can get the latest version of Flash here.