OwnCloud = Dropbox replacement

I have been looking for a replacement for Dropbox. It's not that I don't like Dropbox, it's actually a wonderful program and does exactly what it is designed for. However, I have often needed more than the 2GB of free storage that Dropbox gives you. I could buy more storage from them, but I have a lot a servers at my disposal, so I started looking for a free/low cost alternative to Dropbox that I could install on one of my servers.
After reviewing the myriade of choices, I finally decided to go with OwnCloud. OwnCloud is open source and can be set up on a variety of operating systems. I chose to set it up on CentOS 6.4 running as a Virtual Machine on my Mac. This gave me the ability to test it out without devoting any hardware to it. However, they do have installers for Mac OS and Windows as well.
The setup was pretty straight forward, but be careful when searching the internet for info, and get directions for the OS and OwnCloud version you are installing. There is plenty of info out there, and some it is woefully out of date.
Once I had the server installed, rest of the setup was a breeze. I added my admin user and users. The program has a nice Dropbox like interface for the Mac and IOS devices. It also works well with Windows and Linux.