Fab prefabs from Germany

As you may know I'm currently spending some time in France. One of the benefits of this is we get British TV stations on an app that I have mentioned in the past called FilmOn (sadly its not as good in the U.S.). One of the shows that I regularly watch is a program about great home design called Grand Designs. The show's basic premise is to tell the story of a home project, whether that is a restoration, conversion or new build. I find this show endlessly fascinating and entertaining.
Lately they have showcased houses that are prefabricated. However, these are not your standard cookie cutter prefab houses. They are customizable panel houses that are built in a factory to high standards and shipped and built on your site. So far, all that have been showcased are made by German manufacturers HUF and Baufritz. HUF uses a standard design of a more traditional style German post and beam house and customizes it from there. Baufritz uses a more Bauhaus like approach to the designs. Baufritz is the more custom of the two, but both are quite lovely. Both arrive from the factory pre-wired and plumbed and with all fixtures included. The remarkable thing is that once the foundations are in place the house goes together is about a week. Interior finish work still must be done, but it's a interesting way to build.