Fanhattan... what to watch & where...

Whether you are a "cord cutter" or not, you have probably wanted a simple way to find out if your favorite movie or TV show is available online and if so, where? Enter the BETA web version of Fanhattan. I have been using their iPad app for some time now and love it. However, they never had a web presence until recently. 

Check it out and let us know if you need an invite. Also, a special secret trick just for you ... if you already have the iPad app (or want to download the free app)... setting that up will get you a login to the beta.

I use this app constantly to find out if something I want to watch is available online. It has saved me money several times as I was about to rent something in iTunes but checked Fanhattan to find the movie I wanted to watch was available on Netflix or Amazon or Crackle.