can I hear you now?

I have finally decide to get a new pair of headphone/earbuds to replace an old pair of cheapo Sony earbuds that I've been using for years, and frankly, I found in a parking lot. Even though the Sonys were found, they have been my best pair of earphones. I listen to a lot of music, and these provide a good amount of isolation, which I really like and now could not do without. I do a lot of things that make very loud noise, so this is a must. The Sonys provide a decent amount of isolation, but I still find that I still have to wear other hearing protection when doing certain activities like using wood working tools. So with this in mind, I have tried to set a criteria for this new set of headphones. So far, it is as follows:

They must provide isolation from ambient noise.
They must sound good when being played through an iPod or iPhone.
They must have good bass response.
They must be comfortable when worn for long periods of time.

Notice that the sound quality is not first on the list. This does not mean that sound quality is not important, it's just that isolation from outside noise is that important to me.

Hear is the list of devices that I have assembled so far.

Universal in ear monitors:
Shure se315
Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10
Westone um3x, or 4r

Custom in ear monitors:
Jhaudio jh5, or jh16
Westone es5

There is a huge difference in price between these monitors. Next week I will talk about how I've started narrowing the field, and made my decision on which ones to buy.