can I hear you now? part 2

In my last post I started looking at high-end in ear headphone monitors to replace the aging Sony earbuds that I have been using. Today I look at whether I want to go with the universal style monitors with foam tipped ear pieces or custom made monitors that are customized for my ears only.
Isolation from ambient noise:
This was a bit tough without being able to hear them. First off all of the models that I've looked at provide good isolation, however, the custom monitors provide a greater amount and tend to wiggle out of place less often than the universal monitors. Sadly, I must trust the reviews for this information. I can listen to universal monitors all day long, but I can only listen to custom monitors after they have been made for my ears, and I haven't gotten to that yet.
This is a major strike against the universal monitors.
One reason that I want the high level of isolation is that you can listen to music at a much lowers level and still get good clarity. This is important as it is much better for the health of your ears. I find myself turning up the volume to drowned out the background noise.
Universal = 0, Custom = 1
Sound quality:
The sound quality on all of these is MUCH better than you would get from standard earbuds or the earphones that came with your iPod or iPhone. However, JH Audio has developed a phase correction technology that allows all of the different frequencies to arrive at your ear drum at the same time. They call it "FreqPhase", and it has put them at the top of the heap sound wise. I will mark everything equal here, but the JH Audio JH16 model stands out.
Universal = 1, Custom = 1+
Base response is good for all of the models that I've looked at. Some models have dedicated drivers that pump out more bass, but all use crossovers to create a proper bass response.
Universal = 1, Custom = 1
This again goes to the custom monitors again. Because they are custom, they conform to your ears and don't cause the radial stress on your ear canals that the foam or silicone tips do. This allow the listener to wear them for longer periods of time without discomfort.
Universal = 0, Custom = 1
I think this shows that if I was buying based on sound quality alone, I could get ether universal monitors or the customs, but because isolation from noise is so important, I will go with the custom in ear monitors.
Now which ones....hmmmmm?