Google Street View...Wherefore art thou?

I was surprised to find out just recently that most places in Germany do not have Google Street View images. I'm not sure why I'm so surprised to learn this, but I am. I have always thought of the Germans as at the forefront of technology, but I guess that their desire for privacy trumps that. The above image is a Google Map of the border region between Germany and France. The blue area to the left indicates where Street View is available in France and the blue dots to the right indicate Panoramio images of Germany that can be reference from the map. Notice that Germany is mostly covered with blue dots and France is mostly covered with blue lines. Only Stuttgart has any street view areas in this section of the map. However, there are other places in Germany that have street view, just not very many.
As a traveler who frequently goes to places that I have never been to before, I often use street view from Google when doing research on a place. This helps me to figure out what I should be looking for when trying navigating to a place I've never been. This is hugely helpful and I am truly going to miss using it when I will be traveling through Germany in the next few weeks.