lost & found gone social...

I have been seeing ads for this "tile thingy" a lot recently and finally clicked the link to check it out. The concept is simply. A small "tile" that you can attache to "things" and then locate them from your iPhone via an app. That will be handy when you cant find your keys in your house, but the real success will rely on millions of iPhone users having the tile app installed. This way, any tile app will be able to report securely back to the user and let them find the purse they left at the restaurant last night.

Take a look at their promotional video and see what you think. 

Another interesting part of their story is Tile  used selfstarter to fund the project. Selfstarter is an open source code designed to provide a "roll your own" version of  kickstarter (a popular crowd funding site / service).

According to Tile, their goal was to raise $20,000 and they have now raised some 2.6 million. The FAQ page says they expect the product to ship in winter of 2013/2014.