can I hear you now? part 3

In my last two posts I discussed the criteria I've used for selecting the new in ear monitors that I plan to buy. In this post I will reveal which set I have decided upon, or at least I will reveal which ones I decided on and which ones I will probably end up getting.
The image that I have used in these post probably give a clue as to which monitors I have been leaning toward and those are the JH Audio JH16-Pro. These custom in ear monitors have everything that I am looking for. They provide about -26 decibles of isolation from ambient sound. They also have been designed in a way that provides phase coherence between the different frequencies of sound. This basically means that all of the different sound frequencies arrive at your ear drums at the same time. This may not sound like a problem, but can cause some music to sound loose.
However, as much as I've been impressed with the specs of the JH-16's, I will probably end up getting the JH-5 model. The reason for this is due to the reason that I'm looking at getting in ear monitors in the first place and that is because of damage to my hearing from years of playing in bands without proper hearing protection and listening to music way too loud. There is a big price difference between the JH-5 model and the JH-16 model, and I don't mind spending the extra dough for something that I will have for years to come, but I am worried that I simply will not be able to hear the great sound that the JH-16's produce.