They're hear......

Several posts ago I talked about the process that I went through while trying to decide on whether or not to purchase custom in ear monitors. I eventually decided to bite the bullet and get a pair of, very expensive, high-end in ear monitors made by JHAudio. The model that I chose were the JH13-pro. I'm happy to say after a long agonizing wait, I have finally received them.
The sound quality is very good. The highs and lows are great at low volume levels and get even better if you turn up the volume a little.
The isolation is better than I was  expecting. I normally wear a pair of noise isolating ear buds by Sony and they do an "okay" job of blocking unwanted ambient noise. I often add a pair of heavy duty over the ear hearing protectors as well, if I'm doing anything that makes a LOT of noise. However, the JH13's surpass the combination of the Sony's + hearing protectors. This is both good and bad as they do a GREAT job at blocking unwanted noise, but you really can't hear anything around you. You probably wouldn't want to use these when doing things around others that may need to get your attention. **Please note** JHAudio does offer an "Ambient Vent" option on most models that allows more ambient sounds to come through, but I did not chose this option on purpose.
They came in a cool black machined aluminum carrying case that screws apart and has a cushioned interior to help protect the monitors. However, these things seem like they are pretty tough. They are made of either acrylic or some other seamlessly molded plastic that conforms to the shape of your ears. And, Yes...I had to go to an audiologist and have molds made of my ear canals.
You can order pretty much any colors you want, so I picked red for the left ear and blue for the right. That way I don't get confused as to which one goes where.
You can also get custom logos on the part that shows when you have them on. This was an added charge, so I skipped it and went with their logo which they will do for free. I like free, especially when I'm dropping a pant load of cash on something.....if that makes any sense?