Quick iOS 7 Tips


With the release of iOS 7, I wanted to share a few of my favorite new things in iOS 7.

  • To unlock your device, you can now swipe anywhere on the screen, not just over the "swipe to unlock"
  • New alert sounds and ringtones! 
  • Siri is more advanced, she can now quickly tell you about upcoming sports games, the score of games, and player stats! 
  • Airdrop (iPhone 5 or better) allows you to quickly share photos, contacts, etc with people nearby. 
  • Shared links in safari - go to your books marks section and there is a new shared links that pulls all of the shared links from the people you follow on twitter. 
  • New find my iPhone features will lock down your devices even after someone erases it! 
  • and Lastly, lets not forget about iTunes Radio! Similar to pandora, but with way better ;)