Cyber hacks abound....


This week has seen it's share of cyber attacks. It's enough to make you want to hide under your bed. There is a sketchy malware for the Mac that, if you listen to the reports, will turn your Mac in to a mindless zombie ready to do the bidding of it's evil masters. However, you have to jump through some pretty major hoops to install this particular malware.
There is also the Bourne Again Shell "BASH" exploit that it more serious, and is being exploited through the "Shellshock" exploit. This is a much more serious problem and most OSes that use BASH have issued patches for this exploit.
There have also been attacks against JP Morgan Chase bank that have harvested e-mails and other trivial info. Although, I worry any time a bank is targeted. Chase says that no account numbers, passwords or social security numbers were compromised.
Wow! Windows not mentioned.