Apps that earn! Charity app focus: Walk for the Dog (no dog required!)

Walking the dog is a necessary activity for those of us in apartments.  And, a big reason we chose apartment life.  It's a healthy activity - for the dog and me - that I often talked myself out of when we had a nice, big yard for our pooch to run around in.  For the past year and half, the walks have improved my health - fitness level, mental clarity, reduced stress - and the amazing urban wildlife around the bayou has inspired a new hobby of photography.  And now this!  

Rin earning for animals in need

Another value added to our mandatory dog walks:  earning money for a animal shelter or rescue of my choice.  With the app, Walk for a Dog, I simply:

  • downloaded the free app,
  • entered my email address,
  • waited for an email confirmation,
  • added some brief info about my dog,
  • hit start and was walking and earning for the local animal rescue/shelter of my choosing.  

So simple.  So helpful.  

(** And if you don't have a dog, choose the "Walk for Cassie" option and enjoy your healthy outing while supporting vulnerable 4-legged friends. **)

As of this writing, 800, 000 miles have been walked for local shelters/rescues!

Twice a year animal shelters and rescues get a monetary donation provided by the app's sponsors, these folks right here.  Thanks for your dollars for doggies (and others ;)

Available at Apple AppStore and Google Play.