Synology DS1513+ Set up

In my last post I talked about my decision to buy a new Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. The device that I chose, Synology DS1513+, is actually more of a dedicated server than a simple NAS. However, the set up has been extremely well thought out and simplified.
To set up the basic function of the device, you only need to install drives, plug in an ethernet cable (two are supplied), switch it on and run a app on your computer that probes the network and finds the device.
Once you know the IP of the DS1513+, you simply open a web browser and input that IP address into the URL bar.
The entire admin interface runs in a browser window. The first step is to set up a admin password in the device. After that you are guided through formatting the hard drives. After that you merely have to set up users and groups to get basic filesharing working.