Microsoft Office for iPad!

Microsoft office has finally released a version for the iPad! This is pretty much something that all iPad owners have been waiting for since the day the iPad was released. I haven't played around with it too much but I can already tell it has some great features. So first off, you don't have to have a 365 account to download and use office. You can still create documents and access templates on word without logging in. However in order to gain access to all your other office documents (or Excels or PowerPoints) you need to login. But good news on that front as well! Microsoft has introduced new options to make the subscription to 365 cheaper! You can read about it here. I love Pages, Keynote and Numbers but in a school or work environment they just aren't always the most practical. From the little I've played around with Office for the iPad it looks great. You can read a full review here. Apparently the only problem is printing but I tend not to print from my iPad anyway. So for all you iPad users, get excited because Office is here!