Turn Your Vehicle Into a Driverless Car

Google is working on their own driverless cars, as are various other companies like Volvo, Ford and more, but now one company is looking to turn basically any vehicle into a driverless vehicle, the company is a startup called Cruise Automation.

The company is based in San Francisco and their product is called the RP-1, they have already started taking pre-orders on the device, and each one will retail for around $10,000.

The Cruise RP-1 is placed on the roof of your vehicle, and wired into your car, at the moment the system is only compatible with the Audi A4 and Audi S4, although the company plans to expand to other models in the future so basically any model could be turned into a driverless car. The above below shows this new driverless car system in action.

“We have plans to expand to other models,” says Cruise’s founder Kyle Vogt. “We haven’t made formal decisions to what would be next.” He points out that working directly with automakers can take three-to-five years, which suggests Cruise might want to create its systems independent of manufacturers.

The company plans to test the system out over the next six month, they will also have to get their devices certified, although considering that they only launched 7 months ago, it looks like they have made serious progress with the system.

It has taken other companies years to develop their own driverless cars, and this new system could be used by a wide range of manufacturers if it ends up getting the necessary certifications and passes testing.

Source Forbes and geeky-gadgets.com