How to choose an email address


So after 11 years of marriage and a child (now 7), I finally have gotten around to adding Wingfield to my name. 

  1. Social security office...CHECK
  2. Passport form mailed...CHECK
  3. DPS...soonish

Now to start using it out and about.

How about email?

  1. change signature...CHECK
  2. request for new work email address (employers decide the conventions for the local part of the email, no decision for me)...CHECK
  3. add email address / alias…Well, this might take some thought…

Google it:  “How to choose an email address”

The top 2 today…


I found these 2 at least as helpful as the advice of my daughter.  ***Always consult a young person.  They are born knowing tech stuff, we aren’t.  (So she’s just 7 years old, what’s your point?)

I was very sad to have to abandon @mac for an @icloud, but you know, I get it.  And up to 3 aliases included.

Note:  I can never get a new Apple ID if I want to keep access to songs, books, movies, music.

 ...So iCloud alias here I go...

3.  add email address / alias…CHECK

4.  Social Media…Well, this might take some thought....My full name makes me sound like a character from Downton Abbey...not a bad thing, but ya know, may be too long…more to come on that and cell phones for kids, and charity apps,and ...