teach kids to code with Bitsbox...

I just ran across this at iMore.com and could not resists posting it. I should say first that I have not tried our Bitsbox yet. However, as a geek dad, it sure looks like a lot of fun to me. And I think my daughter might like it too! (wink wink)

Below are videos from both iMore and from the Bitsbox website as well.

Bitsbox teaches children the basics of JavaScript and HTML coding in a fun and interactive way. With a monthly subscription, you receive a box filled with various coding projects and sometimes interesting toys that are part of that months theme.

A one-minute description of our product. Bitsbox is a free website where kids code apps for real devices. Subscribers get boxes packed with new programming projects every month!

I will report back once I know more, but it looks like you have several subscription / pricing options and you can cancel at any time. At first glance it seems expensive to me, but then again, might be worth the cost of 4 or 5 coffee's a month to get the kiddo excited about learning to code?