A beautifully designed game available on New Apple TV...

We have started to play with our new Apple TV and this weekend we decided to look for a game the whole family could play together. Our daughter chose Lumino City and we are having a blast. playing together on the TV in the living room.

Of course, the whole family loved Monument Valley (another award winning and beautifully designed iOS game) and this puzzle / adventure game has similarly beautiful graphics, intriguing puzzles, and a design sense I really love.

 If you enjoy puzzle games and if you appreciate design, you will really enjoy this game.  Well worth the $4 dollar purchase price and always a pleasure to support creative developers making beautiful software and games.

Like me, you may be surprised to find out that the wold of Lumino City was not computer generated! It is in fact  a "hand made" wold beautifully designed and constructed to bring this game to life. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

For a final note, I wanted to say our only problem playing this game as a family... fighting over who gets the remote. We were all wanting to take control of the remote as each of us  has so many ideas about what to do next and how to solve the puzzle ;-)

BAFTA-winning puzzle adventure “Lumino City” is coming to iPhone/iPad. www.luminocitygame.com State of Play Games, the videogame craftspeople behind the iOS hit KAMI, is bringing their beautiful puzzle adventure Lumino City to the App Store. For more, see: www.luminocitygame.com www.stateofplaygames.com