rumor has it the iPad Pro will go on sale this Wednesday...

I don't believe it is confirmed yet, but many sources are saying the iPad Pro will go on sale this Wednesday Nov. 11th.

Since I do this technology stuff for a living, I am likely to get one. However,  I wanted to share another great article from iMore to help you decide in case you are on the fence about which iPad to purchase.

There’s never been an iPad like the iPad Pro. It’s bigger, with an amazing 12.9-inch laminated Retina display. It’s also more powerful, with a desktop-rivaling Apple A9X chipset. There’s also the Apple Pencil, which enables new worlds of creativity, the Smart Connector, which allows for all new, all better keyboards, and an experience that’s just as empowering but even more accessible than a traditional laptop. It’s not for those who prefer the ultra-portability of the iPad mini or the balance of the iPad Air, but if you want the biggest window possible into apps and the internet, it could just be for you!