How to fight with Autocorrect and win!

Ohhh Auto correct! It can be both a blessing and a curse.  We've all been there.  We type a word and realize it auto corrected, so we delete it and start typing the same word only to realize it auto corrected again!  Arghh!

As we probably already know, clicking the little X mark next to the suggestion that pops up will dismiss it.  But when you're typing, it can be a HUGE pain to take your hands off the keyboard and click that little X!

So the secret keyboard shortcut is.....THE ESC KEY!  If you're typing and see the auto correct suggestion come up, just make sure you hit the ESC key before finishing the word and it will leave you alone!

Bonus Tip:  If it's a word you regularly type that is not in the dictionary (like last names, etc), you can right click on what it thinks is a misspelled word and choose LEARN.  Moving forward it will not try to autocorrect those words!  

You're welcome.