A miracle a million miles away.

Wednesday of this week (Dec. 9th) the Akatsuki probe was was confirmed to be orbiting the planet Venus. This may sound mundane, but it is extraordinary! The Akatsuki (Which means "Dawn" in Japanese) probe was launched in May of 2010 and was supposed rendezvous with Venus 7 month later where it would study the atmosphere of Venus. However, a faulty thruster caused the probe to miss Venus entirely and instead go into orbit around the Sun. Here we are over five years later and JAXA (The Japanese Space Agency) came up with an ingenious plan to get the probe back to Venus. They used the secondary thrusters to get the probe close enough to Venus to establish a high orbit around the planet. This is movie kind of stuff. The plan worked and the Akatsuki probe is now in orbit around Venus and sending back images from our sister planet. You can read more about this here and here.