Unify your e-mail experience with Mail Pilot 2

 click on the image to jump to the Mail Pilot website to learn more

click on the image to jump to the Mail Pilot website to learn more

For more than a year, I have been trying almost every non-Apple mail app for the Mac and for iOS. In that process I have found some great Mac alternatives as well as sever iOS e-mail apps I really like. However, I have always wished for a unified experience. Something that is feature compliant between desktop and iOS and has features to to help me get my inbox to zero daily.

I may have finally found e-mail nirvana with the release of Mail Pilot 2 for the Mac. ( it is actually in Public Previw right now and you can get a trial copy for free here ) They added many new features with Mail Pilot 2 for iOS, but without a desktop version that took advantage of the "set aside" and "reminder" options, I only found it frustrating to be switching between differing desktop and mobile apps.

If you are someone who deals with a lot of email daily, I highly recommend you take a look at Mail Pilot for both Mac and iOS. In just over a week of testing out the beta, I am convinced I am already processing email much faster and am able to keep my inbox under control in a way that no other apps were able to help me achieve.

note that version 2 is already released for iOS