The Companion App

Originally created for students on campus, the Companion app is available to all folks with a US number (and still expanding).  The idea is to use the app to connect with a companion (or companions) in real-time for any trip you take where you may find yourself alone.  Your companion(s) will be able to track your progress on a map and if you tap the "I feel nervous"  or "Call  9-1-1" button, your companion(s) will be alerted to that as well. (Also, whenever the "I feel nervous" button is tapped, local police departments are notified that there is an area that is giving people the willies, anonymously.)  There are also safety triggers that will prompt the app to ask if you are okay, such as if your headphones are ripped out, or if your phone falls to the ground. 

So, whenever you need to travel alone, start the app, invite a companion(s) to virtually be with you, remain alert to your surroundings, and know help is just a tap away.

Lifehack article (here)