Apple stylus... uh, I mean PENCIL ...

Apple Pencil is designed to look and feel like a familiar tool. Yet with its meticulously engineered technology, working with our most advanced Multi-Touch display, it delivers an extraordinary new level of precision.

I posted the other day about the new Apple iPad Pro and how many feel it was the star of the show at the keynote. There was another key technology introduced with the iPad Pro... a new stylus from Apple. They are calling it the Apple Pencil and it looks to be so well integrated with the new iPad it might just be worth the $99 Apple is going to charge for it. 

As a "recovering architect" I have always been intrigued about the possibilities of sketching on the iPad. I have owned a number of different pen input devices over the years and have had mixed success with each. Some were horrid and felt like I was trying to draw with a Q-tip from the drug store. Others worked well but only had integration (things like palm rejection) with certain apps which limited their functionality for me.

I have high hopes for the new Apple Pencil and for future input devices now that Apple is going to integrate that into the OS, we should see lots of options moving forward.

Note that (because they have made changes to the display and sensors as noted in the video above) it currently only works with the iPad Pro.