Tech in MLBaseball

This is an exciting time in baseball!  Apple Watch was approved for use by coaches and team personnel in August and now iPads can be used (with limitations) in the dugout.  Oh, and of course we are at the end of the season and post-season starts next week. The Astros are keeping us on the edge of our seats and we have enjoyed an inspiring season this year!

But back to the recent moves by the MLB to allow a bit of technology during the game.  Articles report the Cardinals and the Mets are among early adopters of the latest gadget approval by MLB.  The iPads have been used to hold the scouting data usually found in binders several inches thick.  Mets bench coach Bob Geren teased the ability to enlarge the text is a handy feature to those over 50.  Other benefits and how iPads can really help during a game are yet to be determined.

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