Robotic Bricklayer

(It’s with some mixed feelings that I share this article found by Richard Wingfield from

In Australia, there is a robot almost ready for commercial use that can lay bricks…1000 custom-bricks per hour, according to FastBrick Robotics.  The robots name is, Hadrian X and works like this:

    “Workers load the machine with bricks. It cuts them to size and feeds them up a conveyor belt inside a long, crane-like arm. Guided by a computer design and lasers, the arm swings into place and a robotic gripper at the arm’s end precisely places each brick. The system coats the bricks in a glue-like adhesive in place of traditional mortar.

The whole system is built into a truck which can be driven up to the construction site.”  (from SingularityHub)

The video linked above is fascinating to watch.

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