Twitter Takes A Step To Address Hate Speech and Online Abuse

According to  USA Today  and New York Times, Twitter will be taking another step toward curbing hate speech and online abuse on its social media platform.  New York Times reports Twitter will be "letting people more specifically block out what they do not want to see on the service, including muting words, phrases and even entire conversations. Twitter is also making it easier for people to report abusive behavior, even if they are only bystanders to the abuse, and for the company to evaluate those reports. And it has overhauled its approach to training support teams, holding special sessions on cultural and historical context for hateful conduct."  In USA Today's interview with Del Harvey, Twitter's head of safety, Harvey says, "‘Just to be clear: We are not saying by any means that as soon as this launches, the abuse issue will be solved on Twitter or that we are never going to get anything wrong again. This is sort of just another step for us on this path but we do think it's a really important one for people to have the ability to control the experience and shape it more.’"

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