BitsBox - making programming fun for kids

For MY birthday I purchased a 3 month subscription to BitsBox for my daughter. We just got our first box in time for spring break and I think she is going to love this. 

Best birthday present I ever bought myself... Fun times "geek-ing out" with my daughter and educational too! 

In the good old days, we used to type programs from magazines as a way to learn to code. Then play with the code to change it to meet our needs. That is how BitsBox works.  It is a bit old school and I like that! It is Java and web based so, as they say in the video, the kids are making "real" apps they can play on their phones or tablets.

If you have kids between the ages of 6 and 12 I recommend you give this a try. They ahave different price levels and different subscription lenghths you can try. If you want to know more, check out their FAQ page.