New images of Pluto and Charon released this week.

This week NASA has release newly downloaded images from New Horizon's fly by of the dwarf planet last July. Yep that's right, images keep coming even 6 months later. Apparently they took as many images as they could, but the data transmission back to Earth is incredibly slow (I guess they don't have good WiFi in that part of space), so images will keeps showing up for the next several months.
The current set of images show mountains on Pluto and Fissures on Charon. The image of Charon shows a grand "Grand Canyon" like formation that is 1100 miles long and about 4.5 miles deep. In comparison the actual Grand Canyon is 250 miles long and 1 mile deep. Charon's grand canyon was probably formed when surface water seeped into the ground and refroze, pushing up the ground above and causing these great fissures in the ground. You can read more about this here and here and here.