New Service Options

Envision will no longer be supporting Kerio products and has chosen to provide hosted Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions and Barracuda Networks Next Generation Firwalls in place of the previous Kerio Connect Cloud and Kerio Control products. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below to let us know how you would like to proceed. 

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Options for saving and/or archiving your current data from Kerio Cloud are as follows...

Option 1 - Migration

We will offer a paid service to migrate all your current email to the Office 365 subscriptions you choose to purchase from Envision. Fees will be $299 + $15/mailbox migration.

(Service included at no charge for Partner Plan Clients)

Note: if you have mailboxes that are currently exceeding the 50GB Office 365 limit, you will have to archive email before the migration in order to reduce your mailbox size to one supported by 365. Additionally, you can choose this option if you currently DON'T have hosted email thru Envision but would like to sign up.

Option 2 - Start Fresh with 365

(with Envision assisted LOCAL archive of email)

Envision will offer to work with you at our standard hourly rate ($150/hr) to assist you in archiving / saving all your current email LOCALLY on ONE COMPUTER. With this option you would make a fresh start with a new Office 365 email account but would still have access to all your existing saved email on a single computer of your choice. 

(Service included at no charge for Partner Plan Clients)

Note: this is a good option for those users with very large mailboxes that exceed the 365 limits.

Option 3 - Self Service

(choose your own email provider and take full responsibility for saving/archiving/migrating your own data)

Choose this option if you no longer want to purchase email hosting via Envision and you are confident enough with you technical skills that you take full responsibility for choosing a new email hosting provider and for saving / archiving your email.

Note: that once the Envision hosted email server is shut down, you will not have access to any of that historical / saved email. 

 Office 365 Business essentials

Office 365 Business essentials

Email - $6/user/mo

This service would replace your current hosted Kerio email service. NOTE there is a 50GB mailbox limit/user.

Please see notes above for email archiving and migration options.

 office 365 business premium

office 365 business premium

Email + Office Applications - $15/user/mo

This Office subscription adds to the Office applications noted below to the Essentials subscription features. NOTE you can install them on multiple Macs, Windows computers, iOS or Android phones and tablets based on per user account login.

Please see notes above for email archiving and migration options.

 barracuda networks next generation firewall

barracuda networks next generation firewall

Firewall - starting at $79/mo (5 users)

We will be replacing all Kerio Firewalls for our Partner Plan clients with new Barracuda NG Firewalls.

If you are on our "As Needed" hourly service plans, we highly recommend that you upgrade to the Barracuda firewalls as well. 

The uncertainty of the future of the Kerio products could cause issues with your business network security and/or internet access that may not be able to correct or support moving forward.

Please choose one of these three options in the form below...

Option 1 - Upgrade to Barracuda NG firewall.

NOTE: Envision will provide a quote based on your current firewall and the information you fill out in the form below. As noted our pricing for Envision supplied "Network Security as a service" via the Barracuda Networks products will start at $79/mo for a 5 user system. This is only about $2/mo more than a comparable new Kerio NG300 firewall when averaged over a 2 year period. Benefits include a substantial throughput performance increase over existing Kerio hardware we have in place + 1 day shipping for replacement hardware + partnering with one of the most respected companies in the industry. 

Option 2 - Keep your existing Kerio Control Firewall in place. 

NOTE: If / when there are issues with the firewall moving forward, Envision may not be able to correct them for you.

Option 3 - Remove the Kerio Firewall and operate w/out a security device and/or purchase a third party firewall not provided by Envision. 

NOTE: If you choose this option, Envision  will no longer be able to support your company. If needed, we will help you locate a new IT consultant that supports