How to Pay...

Step one...

see if your bid was first and/or highest (bids closed at midnight )

Step two...

add up any other stuff you are getting

Step three...

go here to pay online

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 6.19.33 AM.png

How to set your payment amount...

pick the type of donation you want to make ;-)

cheapskate = $1

backer = $5

sponsor = $25

patron = $100

philanthropist = $500

then pick a quantity... so if you want to donate $75 you pick sponsor and quantity 3... if you just got a few thing and want to donate $10 you would choose backer and quantity 2

sorry to make this complicated... but squarespace does not give me an option for you to enter a random amount

How it works..

We had request to reserve items for folks (vs first come first serve Friday morning) so we've decided to allow folks to bid in items. Highest bid by midnight on Thursday will get the item. 

Remember that all this will go to charity... So everybody gets a good deal.  

To bid...  put your name, the item, and your bid in the comments section below the item listing. Bid as often as you like until Thursday at midnight. Or you can just come see what is available on Friday if you don't want to reserve something. 

Thanks again for helping us recycle some tech and support a good cause at the same time. And as the image above suggest... don't be afraid to get creative with this stuff ;-)