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Our team has over 100 years of combined experience working in the IT industry. Call us today to find out how we can help you manage, monitor, and secure your technology and make your business more productive and profitable.


richard Wingfield

head geek

Richard grew up in a small town in Texas as the son of a general contractor and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Texas in 1983.   He entered architecture at a time when computer technology was first coming of age and by the early 90's he had become a computer expert in his field. He quickly learned to translate the complex problem solving skills of his architectural training  into problem solving in the world of technology.

With a penchant for systems and solutions and a love of design, he moved on to become a member of the first Apple consultants group and later to work as an Apple employee. As the owner at Envision Design, he has spent more than 25 years helping business owners integrate technology into their practices to become more productive and profitable.

As a father, husband, and head geek at Envision, he is still a nerd at heart and loves helping people and continually learning new things in our fast paced ever changing world.

To read more about Richard and the origins of Envision, click here.


chris Peters

senior systems engineer

Chris was born in New York and has always had a passion for technology. He built his first computer at the age of 11 and has been involved in technology ever since.

In 2000 Chris joined the U.S. Navy where he worked on Radar and Communications systems as well as force protection until he returned to civilian life in 2008. He served at the Naval Warfare Center in California and then served aboard both a Frigate and a Destroyer. Since joining Envision Design in 2012, Chris has received his master’s degree in Cyber Security and is currently pursuing his PhD in Cyber security as well.

Chris’ PhD research is focused on increasing security and protection measures within small businesses to limit their vulnerability to cyber security attacks. 


tom sands

customer relations

Tom spent over 30 years in military service, enlisting in the Army Reserves while still in high school (Cy-Fair HS) here in Houston, Texas. His final assignment in Hong Kong was a career goal, so Tom retired and returned to Sugar Land, the beginning of a 3-year run with Apple.

Working as a Business Manager and retail manager honed skills to have conversations about technology support, best practices, and how to get the most out of our devices. Tom enjoys tinkering with IT devices, puttering about the house, listening to music, watching sports on TV, traveling, scuba diving, and brewing beer.

At times he has been known to run 5k, 10k, or even marathons - as long as there is a cold beer at the end.


shawn maddock


Shawn has been a hobbyist software developer for 30 years, writing everything from simple computer games to corporate finance software. When the “World Wide Web” came on the scenes in the mid ’90s, Shawn took to it like a moth to a bright computer screen, and has been hooked ever since.

Prior to joining Envision Design, Shawn spent 10 years as the interactive director at The Woodlands United Methodist Church, developing and managing all of their digital marketing.

When he’s not glued to the screen, Shawn enjoys getting out into nature whether that’s hiking the Canadian Rockies or blue water sailing.


envision automation

robots are cool!

Envision has a number of automated systems that are working night and day to make sure your technology systems are safe and secure. We have software and systems in place designed to give us proactive notices of potential small problems in order that we can help you avoid big problems. Our system can monitor hardware status and potential failures, file system storage capacity, software versioning and updates, security threats, viruses and malware, as well as monitoring compliance with the acceptable use policy's for your team. 


richard wall


Richard has been a computer enthusiast since the start of the personal computer revolution in the late 1970's. Starting out with the TRS(Trash)-80. He moved on to more serious computers in the 80's when he purchased an early model Macintosh Plus in 1986. He has always been centered in the Apple world, but has branched out to support Windows and Linux to varying degrees.

He holds two professional degrees in Architecture (B_Arch and M_Arch) along with a MFA in Fine art Photography and Digital Media, and many technical certifications.

When not working with computers he is an avid runner and biker. He spends his free time trying to solve the cold fusion problem and trying to levitate things using only his mind.


Computers and technology can often feel like a puzzle, but we are here to help you fit all the pieces together. 

That is TECH [nology] Applied. That is Envision.

We understand that technology for its own sake is not a solution. And although we are technically trained and certified, we know our job is to listen to you, come to understand  your business, and then to apply our knowledge, training, and expertise to meet your unique needs.

We apply technology to solve problems. We maintain our training and certifications with key partners like Apple, Microsoft, Barracuda NetworksSynology, Ubiquity Networks, & JAMF to assure our clients access to some of the best business solutions available today.