how to configure your mighty mouse

Hey folks...

Don't know how many times I have been helping someone on their Mac and shown them all the options for their mighty mouse and had them say "that is cool, I did not know you could change all that!". So here is my Tuesday Tip. It is a simple one but will make you much more efficient. I was originally a "one button mouse bigot" but now I am a convert. When I have to work on a machine with a no right click, no scroll wheel, and no scroll wheel button...I start digging in my bag hoping I have an extra one with me.

So, the process is simple....

1. Go to your system preferences and select keyboard and mouse


2. Set the "right click" to secondary button
(reverse it if you are a lefty)

3. Now you have enabled conjectural menu's when you right click ... this means that your menu options change based on what you are clicking on. Right clicking on the desktop will show and option to change desktop background. Or in this case, options for what do do with the file selected. Even things like forcing it to open in a different application that what the file was created with. Very handy say, for opening a pdf with preview when you don't have 30 minutes to wait for Adobe acrobat to open ;-)


4. Now try this... set the scroll wheel "button" to application switcher (my favorite for this button). Now when you click the scroll wheel as a button, you will see all your running applications at a glance and you can just roll the mouse over the one you want to switch to and click on it. Great for folks like me that always have at least 8 applications running at once.