Apple's iWork ... a ton of software for $80

Hey folks...

So my first software pick of the week has to be Apple's iWork. I am not going to do a full review here as iWork consists of three applications, each of which would require an extensive review on its own. 

iWork shipes with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Pages is a word processor and entry level page layout program all in one package. Numbers is a spreadsheet application. Keynote is a application for creating and giving presentations on your Mac. iWork is compatible with Microsoft Office. Pages opens and saves Word documents. Numbers opens and saves Excel files. Keynote opens and saves Powerpoint files.

iWork is $79 for a single user and $99 for a family pack. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac starts at $399 per copy. There is a home / student edition for $149. 

Again, without a full review, here is my take on things...

Even if the Microsoft home edition was $79 as well, I would buy iWork. The iWork software has professionally designed templates included with all three applications. They are well done and easily modifiable to meet your individual needs. How many of you have ever looked at the templates that ship with Office and been impressed? In general, iWork does what most of Apple's hardware and software does, it takes what everyone else does as utility and makes it elegant and refined.

So if you want to take a test drive, you can download a 30 day trial of iWork and see for yourself. Also, if you are like me and reading manuals gives you a rash, Apple has posted some video tutorials online to help get you started as quickly as possible.

Have a look and let me know what you think. I will give you one hint for using iWork... EVERYTHING (well almost) is in the inspector window ;-)


Stay tuned here for upcoming tips and tricks for these applications in the future.