Folder Icons, Thou Art Free!


One of my favorite time killing hobbies for the last several years has been the customization of folder icons on my Mac. That's right.  There is no need to stick with the Apple default folder icon scheme.  In fact, you may be depriving yourself of important decisions like: "Should it be Optimus Prime or Megatron for my home folder?" Lets have a brief tutorial on how to change icons in the first place:

Use the 'Get Info' command on an icon file (.icns).  You should notice the icon image itself in the top left corner of the Info window.  Pay close attention and notice also that clicking this image will cause a faint grey outline or drop shadow to appear around it.


The drop shadow is an indicator that the icon is ready to be copied.  Just use the Control + C keyboard shortcut to copy the image.  Now use the 'Get Info' command again, but this time on your target folder, but, DO NOT CLOSE the first 'Info' window that we opened from the icon itself.  Perform the same drop shadow creating click on the target folder Info window (as you can see, my home folder had already been customized at the time of this walkthrough). Now, because I copied the Mac Zealot icon image to the clipboard earlier, I can just paste to replace. Control + V works perfectly.




Getinfoboth after

The perfect place to start for custom Mac OS X icons is over here:

Now something for the icon theme hunters out there:  This FREE little bundle will allow you to create an icon file out of any image on your Mac.  Yep, go for it, but don't spend the entire morning.