Oprah's favorite gadget... the KINDLE

Ok folks...

So I don't know if you have heard of the Kindle (by Amazon). It is an ebook reader made and sold by Amazon. Makes sense right? Amazon is the place were we all buy our books (and just about everything else online). 

So apparently this Oprah person has a book club (tongue firmly in cheek) so it also makes sense this would be her gadget of choice. You can go here to see the story on here web site.

I am an audio book person myself. I use Audible and have a subscription for 2 books per month and love it. But if you are a "reader", you might be interested in the Kindle. I like audio books because they allow me to "read" and drive... NOT recommended with the Kindle unless you are a passenger.

I am glad to see gadgets like this moving to the mainstream though. Although the Kindle is still ugly and overpriced (imho), I do like the idea that someone could carry a bunch of books with them in a small package. You can also buy the books wirelessly from Amazon as well. And even better, it is getting traction in schools. Anyone with kids in school knows how great it would be if they could cary one Kindle instead of six thick heave books in their backpacks every day! I swear there are some kids carrying backpacks that weigh almost as much as they do.

Here is hoping the Kindle gets better looking, cheaper, and becomes the "single" book of choice for schools. Enjoy the ride as we move closer to our Jetson's world each day ;-)



ps... $50 off coupon from Oprah's site is only good thu Nov. 1st 2008