how to - make a custom page size on the mac

Hey folks...

Cust-page10I had a client who wanted to make a "custom book" in Pages. It is a pretty easy process and simply requires you to make a custom page size. 

So here are some quick instructions on how to make a custom page size on your mac. This "how to" is shown in Pages, but the process of making a custom page will work thru any application on the Mac.... and the custom page will be available from all other apps. as well.

A couple of hints before we start. Just because you are able to make a custom page size, this does not mean your printer can print it. If you make a 1" wide by 3" tall sheet, your printer may not be able to feed that paper (based on where the feed wheels are located etc). Also, you should always insert the LONG dimension into the Height portion of the dialogue box. This is important to make sure that the buttons for portrait and landscape will function the way you expect.

Ok... so now for the step by step...

1. choose page setup


2. choose manage custom sizes 


3. click the "plus" button to add a custom paper size


4. enter your paper size info (be sure to put longer dimension in the height box)


5. verify you page size is what you want


6. now if you want to auto number you pages (in Pages)... click in the footer (or where ever you want you page count to go) and select insert page number


7. type "of" and a space


8. insert page count


9. now you should have page numbers that will read... 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 etc