Children Everywhere Agree: Taking Out the Trash is Such a Pain...



For starters, only the masochistic use the mouse to drag EVERY TIME they need to trash a file. Instead, try selecting the file(s) or folder(s) that you intend to be done with and use the Command + Delete key combination to immediately move to trash. Done.  

Second, use the Command + Shift + Delete to empty the files that are already in the trash. Done...sort of. You will still get the confirmation pop-up that asks if you are sure - unless you turn off that setting in Finder preferences. (Did you know that Finder has preferences too?) Yes, we will save that for another time, but do investigate if you are so inclined.

This last tip may not be immediately useful to all of you, but anyone who has experienced the inability to empty the Trash completely due to a 'locked' file will appreciate.  Hold the Option key down to empty the Trash even if it is full of locked files.  For those that are quick to catch on, that means Command + Option + Shift + Delete.  This will also work for those who are, out of a sense of mouse love or keyboard laziness, deciding to stick with the old right-click-on-the-trash-and-then-select-empty-trash-from-the-pop-up-method.

OH! and the absolute best way to manage your Trash is here.