Oxford dictionary + thesaurus already on your mac...


Hey folks...

Here is another quick tip about software and features that are included on your, and you probably don't even know about it.

It is the often ignored but highly useful DICTIONARY application! Just go to your applications folder and launch Dictionary. You will have options for Dictionary, Thesaurus, Apple, and Wikipedia. The Apple part is silly as you will get much better information by simply going to the help section on your mac.


Simply type the word or phrase you are looking for in the search bar and click the appropriate button.

Now just to be fair, I should let you know that I don't keep the Dictionary application open and I never actually go to the Applications folder and intentionally launch it either. 

What I do is highlight a word (in whatever application I am using at the time) and then right click it (command click for those who are still using a one button mouse). You will get a pop up menu with an option to "look up in dictionary".

Awesome... and now it will launch the Dictionary application.



AND... once you are in the application itself, many of the words in the definition are clickable as well.


AND... when you click that it displays the definition for "that" word.

AND... now if you just click the Thesaurus tab... like magic, you have synonyms (and often antonyms) for your word. And of course, the words shown are clickable as well and will jump you to definitions or synonyms for them when you click them. A potential infinite loop of fun!


AND... if you are like me and can't spell. You can simply us it to look up the correct spelling for you!