Thanksgiving thoughts on tolerance...


Hey folks...

As I sit here with my family in a hotel room in Layfayette, I was quietly contemplating what I am "thankful" for this Thanksgiving and I decided to do some searching on the web for a little perspective on the true history of Thanksgiving. Actually the idea was planted by David a few days ago when we were talking at work. In my browsing I found what I think is a very interesting article regarding Thanksgiving. It is by Robert McHenry and is posted on the Encyclopedia Britannica Blog.

Here is a snippet of his post and the link to the full article here.

Induced toleration may, depending on the circumstances, require a little or much effort. As experienced by the dissimulator, the burden of effort may range from grin-and-bear-it at the easiest, through lip biting and muttering, to teeth-grinding determination at the most difficult. However hard it may be, we do it when we must. The “must” is the key word here.

But there is toleration of a different kind, the kind that arises from principle. Toleration in principle, it seems to me, grows naturally from humility. It is humility that enables a person to be skeptical even of his own beliefs, however dearly held, and to entertain the possibility that someone else’s contrary or merely different belief just might be equally or even more true or laudable. This sort of humility is hard to come by – as hard as any true virtues are said to be – and it requires tough-mindedness and daily exercise.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope you and yours have a save and joyful holiday.