The Corporation


The Corporation takes a look at the birth and history of the modern business entity known as a corporation. In the spirit of "change" that has been the political buzzword of late - this film promotes the idea of improving the way modern corporations fit into our world and suggests a more balanced position for them; accountable to both the environment and the communities that make up our society. The tone of the movie is objective and relies heavily on highly accomplished scientists and thinkers such as Noam Chomsky for commentary.

The producers of the film allow for its hosting on google video. Mark Achbar is one of the producers and has a few words to say regarding its status as a freely viewable documentary. The film in its entirety follows.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I can't help but think that the concepts explored within the film are important ones for all of us, no matter our creed or credo. Please view it when you have time. It is available here, over at google video, Netflix , and iTunes to name a few.