Stack'n the Dock...

Hey folks..

Quick tip here about how I like to use stacks in Leopard. I use them or organize my dock and to give me quick access to a lot of applications without ending up with 150 items in my dock ... all so small that I have to turn on the drunken stupor dock option called magnification.

First a quick refresher...

1. everything to the left of the "bar" in the dock represent applications and everything to the right represent files and folders.
2. the mac os has finder items called aliases... they are simply POINTERS to the original files or folders
3. aliases let you leave things where they belong (like applications in the applications folder) and put shortcuts (windows word for aliases ) anywhere you want to get quick access to those files or folders
4. stacks are new to Leopard (kinda) and are simply folders in the dock with special properties


What I wanted to do was have quick access to a lot of my favorite applications in my dock. The problem was I had no way to "organize" them in the dock. My solutions... STACKS full of ALIASES!

If this sounds interesting to you... here is how to get there in just a few steps.

1. Make a folder (or folders) and fill them with aliases (highlight the item and choose MAKE ALIAS from the FILE MENU)
You can see in my example, I have folders for 7 stacks. Favs, Funn!!, geek stuff, etc


2. Drag each of your "folders full of aliases" to the dock.
notice that when you hover the mouse over the "stack" you see the name of the folder


3. Click and hold on a stack to set the preferences for how it will function. In this example..
sort by name
view as stack
display content as Automatic


4. By just clicking on the "stack" and I have quick access to 10 of my favorite applications, AND it only takes up the space of ONE folder in the dock.


6. Experiment with the other settings and see if you like different settings.

Stacks-5  Stacks-6