Point iPhoto in a different direction - iPhoto Library Manager...

Hey folks...

Quick pick for this week. iPhoto Library Manager by Fat Cat Software. So here is the deal with this one. If you want to use iPhoto to look at multiple iPhoto Libraries or if you want to keep separate libraries, this is the software for you. 

I won't do an extensive reveiw, but this software lets you go beyond the simple photo sharing of libraries (built into iPhoto) on a network. It basically lets you POINT your copy of iPhoto to any other library and edit that library as if it were yours.

Why would I want this you ask? Here are a few examples...

1. you want to keep work and personal photo separate
2. you want to keep a "project" in a separate library w/out having to log into another user account on your mac to use it
3. you want to put a library on a server at work and let multiple people work on it (one at a time)
4. you want to keep a "master" library of all your family photos on a single mac at home while letting each individual user keep their own copy
5. you own a mac book air and the hard drive is so small you must keep your "big" iphoto library on a different hard drive
6. your library of photos has grown so huge that it is unmanageable and you want to split it up into smaller sets

Just a few ideas to get your imagination flowing. You can download a free copy at Fat Cat Software where you can also purchase the "advanced" version for $19.

Take a look and see what you think.