Give an iPhone for the Holidays?

gift-hero-20081125.jpgHey folks...

I suppose this will be just one of several "holiday shopping" suggestions to come over the next few weeks, but I thought this was worth a note as I have already had a few people tell me they were getting themselves iPhones for Christmas.

If you are the type who likes to get that special someone the gadget they crave but can't figure out how to get them a phone and keep it a secret, Apple has made it easier now by offering an iPhone gift card.

iPhones start at $199 but you can get the gift cards in amounts from $25 to $2500! At first I thought the latter amount was for those buying 10 or more iPhones for the family, but I read the fine print and the card can be used for anything Mac and iPod in all Apple Stores or at

That is a good thing because if you "give" and iPhone you are also giving the recipient a 2yr contract with ATT!... so if they decide not to get the phone... they still can use the card to get other cool Apple toys. Maybe a loaded iPod touch which gives you almost everything the phone has but without the phone features. You know, "cheeseburger - with no cheese".