Smiles illegal on Indiana drivers license...

CB021850.jpgThe Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has implemented new rules for drivers license photos. No glasses, no hats, no scarfs, and most importantly... NO SMILES! Apparently smiling will confuse their facial recognition software. Of course, they WILL ask you to comb your hair as that seems to improve the accuracy of the software.

So the high tech hack for criminals trying to get their new drivers license while avoiding detection... just give 'em a little cheese. As for the rest of the population of the state, they will be assured of an ugly photo every time.

On a serious note, officials say the software will be used to help protect against identity theft. Agency spokesman Dennis Rosebrough said that they have had little difficulty implementing the new rules once people understand what they are doing. Of course, when was the last time you were at the DMV and noticed anyone in the building smiling ;-)